Start using Horoscope Ace

Start using Horoscope Ace

  1. Download Horoscope Ace App from your App Store (Google Play, iTunes)
  2. Install the App
  3. Once the App starts up, it will ask you to enter your Birthday. After you have done that, tap “Submit”



If you already have a Horoscope Ace account, you can use your email and password to login.

  1. Tap on “Login” button
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Tap “Login”. You will be taken to the Horoscope Ace Homepage

Login with Facebook

You can also login using your Facebook account. This way, all your Data and Homepage settings are synchronized between your Mobile App and the Facebook App on Desktop.

  1. Tap on “Login” button
  2. Facebook App will pop up and ask you to allow Horoscope Ace to access your Data, tap “Allow” here. (If you don’t have Facebook’s Mobile App installed, a window will open for you to login to Facebook)
  3. Tap “Login”. You will be taken to the Horoscope Ace Homepage