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How often do you wonder whether you should act immediately or see how things are going to progress? In a fast changing situation you might need up to the minute information on a daily basis, but at other times you could require a longer term view. Perhaps you are planning some special event such as the perfect party or even a holiday and you want people to talk about it for ages – but only in a good way. Horoscope Ace can help you swim with the cosmic tide to produce the results you want. How? Horoscope Ace is able to offer you daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes so that you can chose the optimum time to put your plans into action. Even better, it can provide you with horoscopes from the Chinese, Indian and Western traditions so you can mix and match to suit your needs. Fans of the mainstream Sun Sign horoscopes you find in the papers may not realise that there is such a wide range of astrological thought, so let’s go on a star studied journey to visit some ancient forms of astrology that exist in other cultures – no you won’t need a visa or to exchange your cash. First stop – China.

With their penchant for inventing things as varied as paper, printing, the compass, gunpowder and, well, just about everything else, it is no surprise that the Chinese developed their own form of astrology too. The actual date of the origin of Chinese astrology is not known, however there are a number of legends surrounding its birth and development. Legend has it that in 2,600BC, the Yellow Emperor introduced the first cycle of the zodiac to record the Chinese Lunar New Year. Over time Chinese astrology developed 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches by combining one stem and one branch; the stems and branches are used to indicate a specific hour, date and year. The 12 earthly branches correspond to the number of months in a year and hours in a day with a complete cycle taking 60 years. Thus most people will experience the exact same year again only rarely in a lifetime. Westerners who are interested in astrology soon realise that every Chinese year is associated with an animal and that any given animal reappears on a 12 yearly cycle. The animals in Chinese astrology are the; rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Why were these animals chosen? There are a couple of legends which explain this. According to one story, Buddha invited all the animal kingdom to a meeting to ascertain how to restore order in the world, only the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig attended, thus these animals came to represent the Chinese zodiac cycle. The order of the cycle was decided by the order in which each creature arrived, the rat turned up first followed by the ox with the tardy pig appearing last. A different legend explains why there is no cat in the Chinese calendar. Buddha promised to designate the first 12 animals as the zodiac signs in order of appearance at the meeting. So the cat and the rat agreed that whoever woke first that day would wake the other. The rat ratted on the deal (well, it was a rat) and arrived at the meeting first, the remaining animals soon followed. When the cat awoke it ran to the meeting, but it was too late, the meeting was over and it lost its opportunity to become a member of the zodiac. According to legend, this is why cats hunt rats. The Chinese use astrology to discover someone’s age without being too direct. Instead of asking how old a person is, the Chinese often ask about his or her animal sign, which places a person within the 12 year cycle. Time to pack our bags and head to India.

The history of Indian astrology is very ancient and as complex as the patterns on an Indian vase. So here is a simple explanation of its long history. Indian astrology is based on the Vedic culture which is at least 5000 years old. The Vedas are a group of ancient Hindu texts one of which contains the Jyotish Vedanga which concerns itself with astrology. This tradition was maintained and developed by various Rsis (teachers or sages). The Rsis would act as teachers passing their knowledge to their disciples. One of these sages; Parasara Rsi combined the various teachings and produced a text known as the Brhad Parasara Hora Sastra which was passed on and developed into the Parasara School of astrology. Eventually other texts were written and these formed an astrological canon. Vedic astrology spread to the Babylonians via the Persians. From Babylon it travelled to the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. With the rise of Islam the Arabs learned astrology from both the Greek and Vedic astrologers. There are many branches of Vedic astrology but the six main forms are: Gola; positional astronomy, Ganita; mathematical diagnostic tools for analysing the results of Gola Jataka which is natal astrology. Prasna; answering specific questions based upon the time the question is asked, Muhurta; selecting an auspicious time to start something and Nimitta which is concerned with omens and portents. Phew, no wonder Indian universities teach the subject at degree level. If you want to get the benefit from the world of astrology without traveling from your home or spending years at university, Horoscope Ace could be your passport to the future.

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Horoscope Ace – Love

The Beatles pointed out All You Need is Love, and as the song and the film noted; Love is A Many Splendid Thing. What exactly do we even mean by ‘love’ anyway? We say we love ice cream, our family members, our closest friends and our partner, but of course we don’t mean this in the same way (although some notoriously sweet toothed Librans really do adore ice-cream). We talk about Love Horoscopes, but of course these can apply to our relationships with those dearest to us and not necessarily a romantic partner. So don’t despair if you are single and intend to stay so, a well written love horoscope like the one on the Horoscope Ace can still apply to you.

Let the Ancient Greeks explain. The Ancient Greeks had more than one word for love. There was the word ‘agape’, which we would think of as unconditional love. It is about being willing to sacrifice everything for the person you love and wanting nothing back in return – the sort of love parents feel when they hold their new baby. Agape is used by Christians to express the unconditional love of God for human beings. Then there is ‘phileo’ which is platonic love, it’s the love you feel for a friend. It is the type of love which is warm but not physical. Next comes, the rather unromantically name ‘storge’ again this can be applied to family members or friends, although it is a component of romantic love too. Storge is also unconditional and accepts the person who is loved for what they are. It is associated with commitment and sacrifice as well as making the loved and lover feel comfortable and secure. Lastly comes ‘eros’ this is romantic and exciting, it is that obsession you get early in relationships. It has a strong element of physical desire, but can burn too brightly and leave you holding a pile of ashes.

If you fancy using Horoscope Ace to help you find a soulmate, then you are also following in the footsteps of the Ancient Greeks (not that they used an app, it’s just the very idea of a ‘soul mate’ is an old one). In The Symposium, Plato explains the notion of ‘soulmates’. Plato (or rather his mouthpiece Aristophanes) says that humans originally had four arms, four legs and a single head comprised of two faces. At this time there were three genders: men, women and the ‘Androgynous’. The Three sexes had two sets of genitalia with the Androgynous being both male and female. Humans were so powerful that they were a danger to the gods. Zeus solved the problems by splitting humans in half. Each human was left with one set of genitalia and would spend their lives longing for their lost other half. Occasionally the two halves would find each other and experience a feeling of total joy and completeness.

The Ancient Egyptians were also affectionate souls and spouses often appeared side by side in tomb effigies, so it should come as no surprise that they wrote some wonderful poems on the subject of love. Here is one from around 1,500-1,000 BC;

How well she knows to cast the noose,

And yet not pay the cattle tax!

She casts the noose on me with her hair,

She captures me with her eye;

She curbs me with her necklace,

She brands me with her seal ring.

(Third Stanza, from The Nakht-Sobak Cycle of Papyrus Chester Beatty I).

The Romans, on the other hand, were a bit lackadaisical in love and basically viewed marriage as a business or political proposition, although love poems to married women have been found written by single young men. Even the Roman gods were happy to have affairs and Venus the goddess of love was far from faithful to her husband Vulcan. The story goes that Venus preferred the company of macho Mars to Vulcan. It didn’t take the God of Smiths long to realise he was being cuckolded and he made a magic invisible net which he left on his wife’s bed. Before long Venus and Mars snuck into the room for an illicit romp, no sooner had they started their shenanigans than the net engulfed them leaving them trapped. Vulcan walked in on them and called the other gods to see the trapped couple. Much merriment ensued until they were eventually released.

Today Venus and Mars could have used certain sites on the internet to arrange their extra-marital activities, although the result may have been much the same. The idea of seeking someone special or simply sultry by advertising is nothing new. The first personal advertisements appeared in newspapers in the early 18th century and matrimonial agencies printed ads on behalf of men who used them to find a wife. These ads also acted as an early form of Grinder or Gaydar for gay people who wanted to meet lovers at a time when homosexuality was illegal in the UK. Since these advertisements were often the last refuge of the desperate, they tended to have a poor reputation and their use was often a matter of shame for all involved. By the early 20th century, using these advertisements was more acceptable and they took on a Facebook like aspect, acting as a place to find potential pen pals and friends. Yet, even as late as the 1960s the public felt there was something slightly shady about a personal ad in the paper. The 1990s and the rise of the Internet made the use of dating and social sites become mainstream and now many of us know someone who has found love on line.

Just as many of us seek a mate via electronic media many of us use apps to help us organise lives. This is why Astrology Ace is perfect if you are seeking love or simply trying to work out what is going on in your admirer’s mind. You can simply click on the special love horoscope button to discover what the romantic trends are likely to be in your life. Or, if you have a specific love related question in mind, the love tarot section of the app could help you to find your heart’s desire.

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Horoscope Ace – So Much More

Why settle for the same old astrology apps which are seldom accurate and as dull as a cloudy night sky, aren’t you worth more? Don’t you deserve better? Of course you do. When you turn on Horoscope Ace you are taking some special time out to explore your potential.

Horoscope Ace is not just about the type of astrology you see in the papers: this fresh, trendy site has a modern vibe which fits in to your busy lifestyle so you can check out the trends in your life as you are on the move, at work, or at play. Horoscope Ace mixes the best of the ancient tradition of astrology with the most recent innovations in the cutting edge world of apps. Horoscope Ace is not a one way process with someone sitting far away giving you the information they choose. No, Horoscope Ace puts you in charge. You decide what information you want and when you want it, because Horoscope Ace is truly interactive.

What do you want to know, how far do you want to look ahead? It’s up to you; you can choose whether you want to read your daily, weekly or, if you want to plan ahead, your monthly forecast. We all love to love and the experts at Horoscope Ace understand this which is why they have a special section on the app relating to romantic horoscopes, which you are just going to adore. When I say ‘horoscopes’ I mean ‘horoscopes’ too: Horoscope Ace offers you more than traditional Western astrology. Horoscope Ace brings you daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes based on the ancient forms of astrology from India and China. These fascinating horoscopes are written by specialist astrologers who are experts in these fields of astrology. So why not try something different and explore the wisdom of these ancient cultures for yourself?

Horoscope Ace is designed for ease of access so you don’t waste your valuable time trying to get to the section you want to read. In fact, you don’t have to ‘read’ at all because Horoscope Ace has a stellar selection of horoscope videos for you to watch and enjoy. You can decide to keep your finger on the cosmic pulse by watching weekly or monthly videos made by professional astrologers. Unlike some other apps, Horoscope Ace not only brings you horoscopes it invites you to explore the ancient wisdom of the tarot on your own device with just the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse. All you have to do is think of an issue, pick the three cards that appeal to you and then read the text that interprets the card. The cornucopia of wisdom that is in the tarot cards is there waiting for you to discover, however many questions you have and whenever you want them answered: no fuss, no faff – just straightforward answers at your fingertips.

If you want to get a more personal reading, Horoscope Ace is also able to get you access to some of the world’s greatest psychic advisors. You don’t need to queue at a psychic fayre, or make an appointment for some distant date; these amazing live psychics are available to help you now: at a time and place to suit you. This is your opportunity to pick the moment that suits you, when you have time and privacy to take in their advice. Horoscope Ace’s carefully chosen psychic experts can offer you a fast and effective way to gain insight into your life. Horoscope Ace also has astrologers who can predict the patterns that will play an important part in your life both now and in the future. All these gifted experts are live and available to talk to you. Unlike at a psychic fayre or even visiting a psychic at home, the psychics and astrologers available via Horoscope Ace can give you the time you need without the stress of other people waiting behind you in a queue or the worry of other clients waiting their turn. You can be sure that you are the sole beneficiary of their attention. Their warm caring presence and professional confidentiality ensure you will have the confidence to ask the questions which have been hanging heavily in your heart. Why let worries wear you down when you have an array of able advisors awaiting you? Even if you feel a bit shy about all things psychic, no one need ever know you used Horoscope Ace (although I doubt you’ll be able to keep such a good thing secret for very long).

If you are seeking profound horoscope experience or simply more insight into your life but you haven’t got time for a chat with one of their special advisors, why not consider treating yourself to a unique Personal Horoscope Report? In the past, the great and the powerful would have natal charts drawn showing the position of the celestial bodies at the moment of their birth. This ancient luxury is available to users of Horoscope Ace as it offers you the chance to buy a Personal Horoscope Report. Whereas the horoscopes you usually see are based on your Sun sign (Aries, Libra, Pisces etc.) the Personal Horoscope Report is tailored to you because it is based on the time, place and date of your birth. This complex chart considers the position of the planets and constellations at the second you entered the world and how they interact with each other. Painstaking attention to detail makes the Personal Horoscope Report an amazingly accurate interpreter of your personality. So if you’re a shy Leo, a stay-at-home Sagittarius or your Sun sign simply doesn’t seem to suit you, one of these reports will help you appreciate why this is so. This fascinating form of personal analysis could also make the ideal gift for a friend, family member or to welcome a new baby into the world.

The quality and diversity offered to you via Horoscope Ace is impressive and this might lead you to predict that such an app is, predestined to be expensive but you’d be wrong – Horoscope Ace is free. Why are you waiting? Your future beckons. horoscope-ace.com/best-free-horoscope-app

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